Frank Leland Atchley
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Dr. Paula Mitchell, a Seattle clinical psychologist, is in dire need of help to save her patient’s life. Kae Carlson believes she will be killed on her twenty-sixth birthday which is less than three weeks away.


I chose this rating due to the fact that it kept your interest. One minute you thought you knew what was coming next and then it went in a different direction. I am very fortunate to have met the author and await his next book. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery would enjoy this book.


Darlene Livengood, Amazon customer

Homicide detective Jerry Riggs is running out of time. He’s got less than three weeks to solve a homicide that hasn’t even happened yet and every lead has led to a dead end–literally. The only witnesses he has are the young female victim’s three multiple personalities and they can’t stop bickering with each other long enough to be of much help to him.

What does a good cop do when he’s got nothing to go on? He relies his training, years of experience, gut instinct…and then he hopes he’ll get lucky. Ride along with Riggs and his partner Bob LaMoria when they finally catch a break that enables them to bust the high priest of a satanic cult and save the girl from becoming the next human sacrifice.

Frank Atchley draws upon his vast experience as a homicide detective and his investigation skills, finely honed while serving on the Green River (Washington) Task Force that brought Gary Ridgeway to justice in the serial murder cases. A Birthday to Die For is Atchley’s debut novel.


Carol Zimmerman, Amazon customer

I read mostly nonfiction, but a friend told me about this book and talked me into reading it. I admit I was hooked from the first sentence. The author did a good job of building the story step-by-step, the satanic cult was a good angle, and the story never goes off point with details that don’t relate. It seemed like just when Riggs and his partner were about to solve the case, something happened to throw a wrench in the works, which kept pulling me through the story. I had a hard time putting this book down because I couldn’t wait to get to the end.


Larry L., Amazon customer

The author developed a story line that is extremely detailed and accurate, but at the same time a very interesting read. Chapter after chapter leads the reader to explore the complexities of the human, scientific and investigative aspects of this intriguing criminal investigation. Even those readers with extensive investigative background will find this book a learning experience and interesting case study of a unique genre of criminal investigation.


Pam Beck, Amazon customer

Frank Atchely’s A Birthday to Die For is fast paced and spellbinding. The “bad guys” are revealed layer by layer keeping the reader is suspense. The victim’s multiple personalities make you wonder who and when the real victim will come forth. Frank’s background in police work lends credibility to this story.


MINITALES, Amazon customer


Frank Atchley is a retired police officer. He served twelve years as a homicide investigator before becoming an investigative sergeant for the Green River serial murder investigation in King County, Washington. Although the total number of victims cannot be accurately determined, in his jurisdiction, 48 women were murdered, the largest number of victims attributable to a serial killer in U.S. history. Atchley is very proud to have served on that task force whose members worked 24/7/365 to solve those murders. He retired at the rank of captain. He and his wife now reside in Henderson, Nevada.


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