“They’re going to kill me!” The words stunned Dr. Paula Mitchell, a Seattle clinical psychologist. She’d wracked her brain trying to figure out a way to get Kae Carlson to open up to her. Until then what little information she’d gotten came from “Connie” or “Maxine,” two of Kae’s other personalities.

Totally exasperated with Kae, Connie fills in the blanks. She tells the doctor that Kae was raped at the age of thirteen by the High Priest of a satanic cult. He carved a pentagram on her back, then told her, “If you deliver a baby to the Father, you will remain under my protection for the rest of your life.” When Kae miscarried, the torment began. Thirteen years later, three weeks shy of her twenty-sixth birthday, Kae turns to Dr. Mitchell for help. Paula is now faced with a dilemma: How do I help her without violating patient confidentiality? She fears for Kae’s life, so decides to call the police.

When Detective Jerry Riggs first hears Dr. Mitchell’s story, he think his pals in the squad room of the King County Sheriff’s Department are playing a joke on him, but Paula Mitchell’s sincerity convinces him to at least look into the matter. He agrees to meet her the next day and view the videotapes of her sessions with Kae.

After viewing the videos, like Dr. Mitchell, Riggs is baffled by the multiple personalities, which causes him to doubt Kae’s veracity; however, he agrees to interview Kae at Mitchell’s office the following day. On his way back to the office, he stops at the library to do some research on satanic cults and finds the name of Al Turner, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department who is an expert on that subject. Riggs immediately calls Turner and the information he provides seems to corroborate Kae’s story. Riggs arranges for surveillance on Kae and permission to get his former partner, Bob LaMoria, to help him with the investigation.

The odds are against him and time is running out. Can Riggs and LaMoria save Kae’s life?


Excerpt #1

            “They’re going to kill me!”

            The terror in her patient’s voice slammed Dr. Paula Mitchell back in her chair, her own breath wedged in her throat. She stared into the terrified eyes of Kae Carlson. For the first time since she’d been treating Kae, they were making real progress. The young woman was opening up to her.

    Two weeks before, Kae had entered the office, obviously afraid of something, grabbing glances over her shoulder, her eyes darting around the room as if looking for a place to hide. Although it was cold and raining outside, she’d worn no coat. She was sopping wet, her clothes soaked through, exposing the outline of her bra, her nipples rigid against the fabric. She looked fragile standing there in the dim light of Paula’s office, swiping errant strands of light brown hair out of her eyes with a trembling hand.

Excerpt #2

“I can do that. First, let’s start with the word “occult.” The word came from the Latin word “occultist,” which means “hidden.” Satanism is represented by two separate groups, secular and traditional Satanists. They believe Satan is Lucifer, a high-ranking angel who wanted to be exalted to the same position as God. It was because of this sin that Lucifer fell and became Satan, the Devil, leading a large number of rebellious angels who became demons or fallen angels.

            Satanism is practiced through two rituals. One is defined as psychological, sexual, or physical assault on an unwilling human victim. It is committed by one or more people whose primary motive is to fulfill a prescribed ritual in order to achieve a specific goal to satisfy the perceived needs of their deity.

            The second ritual is a need to gratify the needs of the Christian Devil. It involves a highly organized, secret, often multi-generational group which engages in mutilation, ritual killing, cannibalism, drinking blood, and other disgusting things.”

Excerpt #3

            There was a pause as Riggs leaned forward and looked directly into the Chief’s eyes. “Would you agree there’s a possibility that satanic cults and rituals do actually exist?” Riggs asked, his eyes narrowing and his demeanor becoming more intense.

“Anything’s possible, it’s just that I’ve never seen any concrete evidence which proves that they do.” Riggs suddenly swiveled his chair around and looked at Ryker. “How about you? Do you believe in the possibility of devil worshippers, satanic cults, and human sacrifices?”

Riggs’ sudden move caught Ryker off guard. He reacted by pushing his chair against the wall and sitting up straight. “Maybe!” he sputtered.

“What makes you think there may be satanic cults?” Riggs asked, seemingly ignoring the Chief and focusing on Ryker, a move which La Moria believed caught the Chief off guard.

“I’ve heard rumors, but only rumors, nothing solid,” Ryker replied, now looking somewhat uneasy as they focused on him.

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