Frank Leland Atchley

Paperback: $12.95

Dr. Paula Mitchell, a Seattle clinical psychologist, is in dire need of help to save her patient’s life. Kae Carlson believes she will be killed on her twenty-sixth birthday, which is less than three weeks away. Through “Connie, Maxine, and Cathleen,” Kae’s other personalities, Dr. Mitchell learns that Kae was raped by the High Priest of a satanic cult on her thirteenth birthday. A miscarriage prevented her from delivering a baby to be sacrificed, so she must take its place. Having no other choice, Paula calls the police. Homicide Detective Jerry Riggs takes the call. Leads are scarce and witnesses disappear or die as Riggs and his partner hunt for cult members and the location where the sacrificial ceremony will take place. Time is short, breaks are few, and the cult members are getting more desperate. Can they save Kae?

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